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ADDEV Materials


E-mobility is gaining increasing importance. All major players in the automotive industry are seeking for new innovative solutions to shape the transportation of the future and answer the ecological challenges we are facing today.
ADDEV Materials, as a converter, is here to provide you the best customized solutions for batteries, electrical motors and fuel cells by converting foams, tapes and technical films. As experts in materials,
we provide technical and tailor-made solutions to bring you the best performances, always.

NEW HEATING FILM: ADDEV Materials in partnership with DuPont™ is developing a high value-added solution on the electric, hydrogen vehicles and thermal management markets to extend battery life
and bring the battery up to temperature. A greener, lighter, more resistant proposal.
Our team will support your projects by providing you tailor-made prototypes.
-Fast heating for batteries cells
-Better safety : reduce risks of failures
-Bring temperature homogeneity in fuel cells &
OTHER APPLICATIONS : Heating solutions for
vehicles interiors

As experts, our industrial capacities help you converting the materials you need, in their most complete composition and shape. We offer you tailor-made support all-along your processes: This is ADDEV Added value.

Wherever innovative materials are key, we deliver converting and services.
Through our in-house concept of "Innov'ADDEV Lab", we bring you more than materials technical expertise: we invite all stakeholders to harness ideas and desires, so as to reveal shared ambitions and anticipate future needs.
Our collaborative innovation approach will enable you to be more effective, more competitive to conquer new markets.

Agrodur Grosalski GmbH & Co. KG


Development of Control and regulation elements for electrical engineering
o Virtual engineering
o Filling simulations
o Prototyping
o …


AIDA MSP Series / High-Speed Motor Core Lamination Presses

The AIDA MSP presses allows to produce high precision and high value-added motors such as EV motors, HEV motors and energyefficient home appliances motors. The dynamic accuracy is significantly improved thanks to the compact design and multiple suspension points architecture. Balance between high rigidity and wide bed area is brought to a higher level using the latest technologies.

Moreover, the areas that transmit the press the forming loads, such as the connecting rod bearings and the crankshaft bearings are all made from special metals selected to avoid heat deformations. Ultra precision dies that require a large bed area are necessary for the production of high-efficiency motors, such as motors for hybrid cars or for energy saving. Responding to these needs, AIDA applied innovative technologies to achieve increased precision with the AIDA MSP Series High Speed Stamping Presses.

* Ideal for production of parts featuring thicknesses less than 0,20 mm.
* Multiple suspension points.
* Oil temperature control unit.
* Caliper type clutch and brake.
* Highly rigid frame.
* Highly rigid guidepost.
* Adjust In Motion function (AIM).

Alanod GmbH & Co KG

Creating efficient transformers with transformer belts from Alanod

We are specialists in the production of transformer belts, which are used in distribution transformers as well as in transformers for generating wind energy. Our material is designed in such a way that it allows for more compact winding due to the electrical insulation. This leads to smaller dimensions of the entire transformer. Smaller dimensions result in material savings for all components of the transformer with optimal performance.

ALBACO Slitter Machines
Italian manufacturer


The first cheaper slitter able to Cut easily and faster your insulating Papers, Laminates and Adhesive tapes.
Slit form 10mm to 1300mm.
Mother reels up to 800mm of diameter are welcome.
Do you want to see it?
Visit Albaco Slitter machines at 3.2/ A15

Altair Engineering GmbH

Development platform based on Altair’s eMotor Director

In conjunction with its customer ZF - Altair will give a keynote presentation focused on a unique development platform based on Altair’s eMotor Director. The solution synthesizes complete e-motor platforms for ZF and develops e-motors more cost-efficiently than ever before.

AMES Group Sintering S.A.

Innovations in self-lubricating sintered bearings: Ames-LFC® bearings for low friction and low noise, and Ames-U4® aluminium bearings for high corrosion resistance

Ames-LFC® is the range of self-lubricating bearings produced by AMES with low friction coefficient and low noise level.
Ames-LFC® are double-layer bearings. The core is a porous iron-based material, which provides low cost and high load capacity. The layer is a low friction porous tribological material, which provides low friction (< 0.01) and low noise level (only 32-33 dBA).
Compared to typical bronze sintered bearing for the same application, the Ames-LFC® bearings provide lower cost, lower noise level, and lower friction coefficient either at the beginning of the operation or in steady-state regime.
Typical applications of the Ames-LFC bearings are:
- Equipment requiring low electrical current consumption and/or low noise.
- Equipment working in start-stop conditions, where the initial friction coefficient must be minimized.
- Equipment working with stationary shaft and rotating bearing.
Examples of applications are electric motors for automotive industry (fans, sunroofs, mirrors, starters, brakes), and domestic electric motors used in household appliances or home fittings.

Ames-U4® is a new range of self-lubricating aluminium bearings.
The main advantage of Ames-U4 ® aluminium bearings is their high corrosion resistance. They are designed to work in corrosive environments in which bronze and iron suffer oxidation. They also have a low friction coefficient, between that of bronze and iron, and weigh less than both. Their working range is within a maximum PV of 1.8 MPa·m/s and a maximum speed of 2 m/s.
Many applications use technical plastic bearings because they withstand oxidizing work environments. The Ames-U4® self-lubricating aluminium bearings are an alternative that can work in the same conditions, providing good friction performance and at the maximum permissible load.

Baosteel Europe GmbH

Deciphering "Made by Baosteel" in "Green" Winter Olympics

Green Power

1. Zhangbei Flexible DC Grid

The Zhangbei Flexible DC Power Grid Experimental Demonstration Project bears the burden of providing green power for the Winter Olympics. Four new converter stations have been built in Zhangbei, Kangbao, Fengning and Beijing. Baosteel Silicon Steel, as the supplier of oriented silicon steel, the key raw material of converter transformers, supplied about 7,000 tons of high-quality oriented silicon steel for the project construction, ensuring all 28 converter transformers for the Zhangbei Flexible DC power grid project.

2. Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station

On December 30, 2021, Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station of the State Grid serving the Beijing Green Winter Olympics was put into operation for power generation. The power station was put into operation to provide a strong guarantee for the 100% green power supply for the Beijing Winter Olympics venues. With excellent product quality, Baosteel Silicon Steel BeCOREs® provided the key core material – non-oriented high-grade silicon steel – for all 6 generator sets for the first-phase pumping-storage project of Fengning Power Station.

3. Green Transportation

The Beijing Winter Olympics will be the world's first truly carbon-neutral Olympic event. In line with the concept of green travel in the Winter Olympics, this Winter Olympics has adopted low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy vehicles, from the passenger vehicles serving athletes to the logistics vehicles responsible for the transportation of goods. Baosteel silicon steel is the key material for the drive motors of this batch of vehicles. Baosteel continuously strengthens technical marketing efforts, assists in optimizing material selection and rational use of materials, improves silicon steel industry chain services with the help of a strong processing and distribution system, fully supports the rapid development of new energy-driven motors, and facilitates green travel for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

bdtronic GmbH

bdtronic complements its dispensing product portfolio with industrial oven technology / Perfect preheating and curing of adhesives and potting compounds

bdtronic, a mechanical engineering company from Weikersheim, Germany, is expanding its product portfolio and will in future be offering standardized industrial ovens for optimum heat treatment during dispensing. The ovens are used to cure potting compounds such as epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones or to preheat components to a specific temperature.

This is used in a wide range of different components, such as in the production of power electronics, on-board chargers (OBC) for hybrid and electric vehicles, base stations in the telecommunications sector, sensors for autonomous driving, or tire pressure sensors in the automotive electronics sector. To protect these from external influences such as dirt, moisture or overheating, they are encapsulated. For optimum potting results and the shortest possible cycle time, the components are in many cases preheated and the dispensed product is cured in a horizontal conveyor oven to ensure handling. In addition to the highly automated dispensing cell, bdtronic will in future also be responsible for manufacturing the oven technology itself.

Precise temperature management is essential for the impregnation of electric motors. Therefore, bdtronic already has many years of experience in thermal systems for impregnation systems. This knowledge is now used for the new standardized oven modules in combination with the dispensing solutions built by bdtronic.

The oven technology from bdtronic is so-called continuous ovens, in which the components are conveyed horizontally on up to two tracks. Each standard oven is equipped with a fan and a heating coil. The heated air is attracted by the fan and flows (longitudinal flow) through the interior of the oven. Due to the longitudinal flow, the parts are homogeneously heated or dried. In order to keep heat losses low, the furnace is equipped with a recirculation system, special insulation and bulkheads.

By integrating the oven modules into a production line, cycle and process times can be optimized, floor space can be saved and, in many cases, energy consumption can even be reduced through the intelligent use of process heat. In addition to economic advantages, this also increases process stability for series production.

bdtronic is shaping the future of mobility with process solutions for autonomous, safe and comfortable driving and alternative drives. In the field of autonomous driving and driver assistance, dispensing applications for radar and LiDAR systems are used. This ranges from potting sensors and applying thermally conductive materials to sensitive electrical components in cameras to joining housings and electronic components. Before the housings are bonded, they are often pretreated with bdtronic's specially developed plasma systems for surface activation. In addition, the company offers various machine concepts for impregnating electric motors for the automotive industry.

Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG

Beckhoff offers innovative automation solutions for automotive production

The new MX-System from Beckhoff is quite simply a revolution in control cabinet design. With the launch of this system, the company now offers a flexible, space-optimized, and intelligent system solution that completely replaces the conventional control cabinet in a bid to revolutionize control cabinet design and automation in general!
As a system supplier, Beckhoff provides almost all components for the automation of a machine or plant: Automation software, industrial PCs, I/Os, drive technology, motors, power supplies and cables form the basis for powerful automation. At the same time, Beckhoff also has a wealth of experience in control cabinet design, in which the company has been engaged since it was founded over 40 years ago. The new MX-System now aggregates Beckhoff's know-how in system and component technology in combination with its experience in practical applications.

Beckhoff provides a further highlight with the XTS and XPlanar intelligent transport systems, which enable maximum flexibility for motion sequences with individual mover travel. This allows for the replacement of rigidly timed product transport systems and the design of efficient compact machines. The new NCT technology for the XTS system also enables contactless power and data transmission to the XTS movers.

The XTS is used, for example, in hairpin stator production lines at GROB-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, which develops systems and machine tools for the most renowned automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, among others. In the generation 2 hairpin machine, which is fully equipped with control and drive technology from Beckhoff, the XTS is used for flexible positioning of the hairpins at bending and camera stations. A powerful Beckhoff ultra-compact Industrial PC with TwinCAT automation software serves as the central control platform for the entire machine. Minimal cycle times, correspondingly fast process sequences and the compact design result in extremely high output with cycle times of just 2.3 s per hairpin.

BR Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

AM 3150 VPL MV
Medium voltage instrument

- fully autom. operation
- up to 9 coils simultaneously
- coil diameter up to 350mm
- round or oval coils
- cross section of winding: retang., trapezoid or stepped

Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

NEW: BROCKHAUS calibration laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

BROCKHAUS is well known as the leading manufacturer of instrumentation devices and systems for the quality control and examination of magnetic materials. Besides our well proven measuring instruments we also offer our service for calibration of samples in our calibration laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

- Epstein samples acc. to IEC 60404 part 2
- Single sheet samples acc. to IEC 60404 part 3
- Magnetic field strength
- Magnetic flux density
- Specific watt loss Ps (AC)
- Specific apparent power Ss (AC)

Get your samples calibrated and contact our DAkkS accredited calibration laboratory!

Bronz Otomotiv Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş.

We are growing with New Investments

Our target of 1 million Euros, which we have planned until 2021; It was completed with our IPG and AMADA brand sheet metal cutting machines. We have increased our cutting capacity of 34,000 hours/year to 40,000 hours/year due in 2022. Our target until 2024 is to reach an annual capacity of 50,000 hours.

BTSR International S.p.a.


MINITRON MEGATRON GIGATRON represent a high-profitable investment for coil and motor winding operators who will implement this solution in their factory. Every Production Manager will be able to measure the correlated FAST ‘RETURN ON INVESTMENT’ (ROI) in terms of production efficiency, cost-saving and quality improvement.
MINITRON MEGATRON GIGATRON represents a technological revolution destined to change the ‘Game Rules’ and supply an epochal change in coil winding market technological offer as well as in the future coil winding operators’ demand.

BTSR International S.p.a.


MINITRON MEGATRON GIGATRON are innovative WIRE TENSION CONTROL FEEDERS which allows a whole WIRE TENSION CONTROL thus ensuring a superior coil winding quality and repeatability.
MINITRON MEGATRON GIGATRON come with innovative unique features and high-tech functions and REPRESENTS A DRASTIC JUMP AHEAD COMPARED WITH THE TRADITIONAL TENSION FEEDING TECHNOLOGICAL OFFER. New concept working principles such as the BTSR patented full digital dual drive System, the double closed control loop, the tension profiler function and the advance motor torque control system represent radical product innovations bringing unique benefits in terms of versatility, production efficiency quality and repeatability (It allows processing a wide wire diameter range, centralized programming and monitoring, top versatility for a constant and guaranteed tension value).


CAN KALIP invests new plant in Istanbul, TURKEY

CAN KALIP has just opened a new factory in Istanbul, Turkey.

With the strategy of increasing, factory has started to be built in the city of Silivri - ISTANBUL, around 60 kilometers from the Istanbul Airport on the Europen side of Turkey.

The new factory will cover 25.000 square meters of facilities, which in addition to the manufacture of rotor stator laminations will also be used for tooling, engineering and product development.