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E.GO Srl

Via Buonarroti 4/a
50028 Barberino Tavarnelle

Phone: +39 0558 078674
E-Mail: info@ego-engineering.it
Web address: www.ego-engineering.it
Stand: 3.2 / D25-E25

Company Profile
E.GO is one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of machines and automatic lines for the production of wound stators and rotors of electric motors.
E.GO has innovative solutions tailored to the end user and that are highly reliable, flexible and productive.
It is from the alchemy between creativity, innovation and industrial capacity that products are born that stand out strongly, characterized by a great quality.
E.GO manufactures machines/lines to guarantee high speed and precision process:

-Production lines for universal electric motors
-Production lines for brushless electric motors
-Winding technology for single element poles
-Needle winding technology for open stators

E.GO production program furthermore includes:
-Impregnation for electric motors: roll dip, trickling, dipping
E.GO offers its customers a highly specialized customer service to increase and improve efficiency, competitiveness and performance of its machines.

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