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bdtronic GmbH

Ahornweg 4
97990 Weikersheim

Phone: +49 7934 1040
Web address: www.bdtronic.com

Stand: 1.2 / D20-E20

Company Profile
With more than 4,000 installed machines worldwide, bdtronic is one of the world‘s leading machine manufacturers for Dispensing, Impregnation, Hot Riveting and Plasma Technology. bdtronic provides entire system solutions for assembly and production automation to all well-known manufacturers in the automotive, electric and electronics industry, medical technology and renewable energy. bdtronic has more than 400 people worldwide at eight subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Americas, including production facilities in Germany, Italy and USA.
bdtronic has unique process expertise and experience in the impregnation of electric motors for the automotive industry and offers different machine concepts for the impregnation of H/EV motors.


Impregnation technology (machine and process solutions)

Impregnation solutions for electric motor production for hybrid technology as well as for fully electric drives for cars and trucks.

Dispensing technology (machine and process solutions)

bdtronic specializes in the processing of single and multi-component reactive casting resins for adhesive application, potting and other dispensing processes.

Plasma technology (machine and process solutions)

Plasma technology is the ideal pre-treatment for cleaning and activating surfaces prior to bonding and sealing processes for long-lasting adhesion.

Heat staking technology (machine and process solutions)

Heat staking is an established joining process for plastics and hybrid joints. bdtronic has the right process for every production requirement.

Industrial furnaces

Optimal heat treatment due to the use of standard furnaces. Potting compounds are cured or components are preheated to a specific temperature before potting.

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bdtronic complements its dispensing product portfolio with industrial oven technology / Perfect preheating and curing of adhesives and potting compounds

bdtronic, a mechanical engineering company from Weikersheim, Germany, is expanding its product portfolio and will in future be offering standardized industrial ovens for optimum heat treatment during dispensing. The ovens are used to cure potting compounds such as epoxy resins, polyurethanes and silicones or to preheat components to a specific temperature.

This is used in a wide range of different components, such as in the production of power electronics, on-board chargers (OBC) for hybrid and electric vehicles, base stations in the telecommunications sector, sensors for autonomous driving, or tire pressure sensors in the automotive electronics sector. To protect these from external influences such as dirt, moisture or overheating, they are encapsulated. For optimum potting results and the shortest possible cycle time, the components are in many cases preheated and the dispensed product is cured in a horizontal conveyor oven to ensure handling. In addition to the highly automated dispensing cell, bdtronic will in future also be responsible for manufacturing the oven technology itself.

Precise temperature management is essential for the impregnation of electric motors. Therefore, bdtronic already has many years of experience in thermal systems for impregnation systems. This knowledge is now used for the new standardized oven modules in combination with the dispensing solutions built by bdtronic.

The oven technology from bdtronic is so-called continuous ovens, in which the components are conveyed horizontally on up to two tracks. Each standard oven is equipped with a fan and a heating coil. The heated air is attracted by the fan and flows (longitudinal flow) through the interior of the oven. Due to the longitudinal flow, the parts are homogeneously heated or dried. In order to keep heat losses low, the furnace is equipped with a recirculation system, special insulation and bulkheads.

By integrating the oven modules into a production line, cycle and process times can be optimized, floor space can be saved and, in many cases, energy consumption can even be reduced through the intelligent use of process heat. In addition to economic advantages, this also increases process stability for series production.

bdtronic is shaping the future of mobility with process solutions for autonomous, safe and comfortable driving and alternative drives. In the field of autonomous driving and driver assistance, dispensing applications for radar and LiDAR systems are used. This ranges from potting sensors and applying thermally conductive materials to sensitive electrical components in cameras to joining housings and electronic components. Before the housings are bonded, they are often pretreated with bdtronic's specially developed plasma systems for surface activation. In addition, the company offers various machine concepts for impregnating electric motors for the automotive industry.