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Demak S.r.l.

Strada Del Cascinotto 163
10156 Torino

Phone: +39 011 2239876
Web address: www.demakgroup.com

Stand: 4.2 / C31-D31

Company Profile
Since the early eighties Demak have been producing atm pressure and vacuum dispensing equipment for the meter-mix of epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, polybutadienic resins. These kinds of resins are suitable for potting and encapsulating, vacuum casting, gluing and bonding, gasketing and coating of industrial components. The use of resins, to improve reliability and performances of electro-mechanic and electronic components, is well-known and such applications are constantly growing and developing.

The Demak Group is a reliable partner in offering standard as well as tailor-made solutions to face such production requirements at the highest quality level. Available in our wide range are stand-alone units and XYZ robots up to fully automatic lines capable of meeting any production needs.

The main competitive advantage of the Demak Group is the combination of mechanical and chemical know-how. Since the Group produces PU and Epoxy resins too, Demak is able to support at 360° any customer in any resin dispensing project. A proper understanding of the resins behaviors is crucial to provide the right process solution.



The most compact dispensing solution by Demak: Cv2Smart. Characterized by a continuous vacuum system for a perfect resin and hardener treatment and dispensing.


Vacuum Chambers for resisn dispensing technology: to obtain a higher insolution grade of electrical components during potting process.


DL70 dispensing equipment: More powerful in terms of degassing and dispensing capacity. Efficient dispensing solution with or without vacuum chamber.


One of the most sophisticated and powerful resin dispensing solution, having 200 liters tank capacity, up to 8 external pumps.


With a DEMAK's Full Automatic Line you have a total control of the potting process, huge productivity and the best impregnation quality available.

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