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Via Brescia 26
25020 Pavone Mella (BS)

Phone: +39 0309 590111
E-Mail: info@aida-europe.com
Web address: wwww.aida-europe.com

Stand: 3.2 / B24

Company Profile
AIDA is the world-leading supplier of high-speed presses, automation equipment and complete metal forming systems for EV motors, electric motors and generators laminations with the highest production quality standard of the market.
AIDA Service provides spare parts, technical support and presses related services as well, for instance, presses maintenance, presses relocation, presses revamping and second hand presses trade.
Since its foundation in 1917, the company has continuously evolved and today AIDA has production plants in Asia, Europe and Northern America with a global presence in over 60 countries worldwide.