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AEM Unicore Machinery

95B Bedford Str.
5013 Gillman

Phone: +61 8834 10086
E-Mail: sales@aemcores.com.au
Web address: www.aemcores.com.au
Stand: 2.2 / C11-D10

Company Profile
AEM Unicore, Leaders in Wound Core Technology.
Globally renowned inventor of Unicore Machinery to produce low loss cores for Distribution Transformers.

- Low Loss Distribution Transformer Cores.
- Experts in Transformer Core Technology.
- 400 machines sold in over 40 countries.
- Produce LOW LOSS wound style cores and reduce transformer productions costs.

The superior quality of AEM Unicore Machinery offers advantages including:
- Quality, Flexibility and Reliability resulting in lower unit costs for the customer.
- Fast and Easy to Use machinery leading to greater productivity and the best quality transformers.
- Technical Support and Local Customer Service from the experienced team at AEM Unicore.
- Access to AEM's fully trained and experienced network of international agents.

AEM Unicore Machines provide greater flexibility, accuracy and reliability and eliminate the need for fixed tooling such as jigs and mandrels. The highly accurate AEM Unicore production method results in improved control over core specifications and quality as well as smaller and lighter transformers with improved energy efficiency.

For DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS, AEM Unicore technology provides a highly flexible, accurate and reliable production system with all the inherent advantages of wound core technology, such as very low core loss, fast assembly and high output relative to capital investment.

For GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSFORMERS, AEM Unicores have lower losses than C-Cores and E&I and 90 degree Cut Laminations. AEM Unicores can be made from non-oriented electrical steel to lower costs.

AEM is the holder of multiple worldwide patents protecting its products and IP.