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ADDEV Materials

P.A. Stelytec 3, Allée Léonard de Vinci
42400 Saint Chamond

Web address: www.addevmaterials.com

Stand: 3.2 / C35

Company Profile
ADDEV Materials is developing and converting and distributing high performance insulating solutions and films.
We are designer of customized value-added solutions from power generation, power transport & storage to power distribution.
Key partner of worldwide manufacturers, we design customized value-added solutions to meet the technical challenges of our industrial customers. With over 15 000 products customized into more than 40 000 solutions, we offer more than you may expect.
We are not only experts, delivering a wide range of high performance materials. Our know-how goes further: we combine our well-established expertise in high performance materials with the versatility of our industrial capabilities to deliver the highest levels of product customization available in the market.